Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Laws,
Regulations and Regulatory Boards

The Whole Health Organization (WHO) International Digest of Health Legislation has a complete listing of health legislation worldwide which is broader than specific acupuncture and Oriental medicine laws and regulations. However, it is still necessary for acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Practitioners to know these for their country because many of the laws pertain to national, state or provincial regulations are ones that apply to ALL health practitioners. To access health legislation for Asia Click here for the version in English




  • State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) formulates the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology (TCMP) working out department rules and regulations and supervising their administration; supervises appropriation of special funds and loans, and emergency allocation of TCMP resources in cases of disaster, pestilence and for military requirements; guides the therapy, nursing, rehabilitation and health care of traditional Chinese medicine, integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and nationality medicine; supervises the production and trade of Chinese medicines; organizes personnel training, scientific research, technology development and protection of intellectual property rights; develops international scientific exchange and cooperation; amd makes plans on export and import of Chinese medicines.


  • Acupuncture Ethics and Standards Organization Po Box 84 Merrylands, New South Wales 2160
  • The Therapeutic Goods Administration regulates products in Australia
  • Acupuncture Ethics and Standards Organization Po Box 84 Merrylands, new South Wales 2160 .

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