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Vol. I:
The Art of Practice Management
for Acupuncture Health Care Practices -
516 pages
Details $59.50
The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Holistic Practice Management Plan Format 325 pages
This book Discounted when purchased with Vol 1: The Art of Practice Management (above). Option available at checkout
$56,25 3 in 3 Ring Binder. $45. Spiral Bound
Details $75.00

Vol. II:
Acupuncture Front Office Procedure:
The Training and Reference Manual - 307 pages
Details $42.35
The Tao of Practice Success
72 pages, Normally $12.00, now on sale.
Details $10.80
Vol. III:
Success With Insurance
330 pages In revision. Projected 8/01
Details $55.00
Vol. IV:
The Art of Attracting Patients & Clients,
Getting Them Well, and Giving Them Back to Themselves
350+ pages
(Already in Art of PM Book for Acupuncturists)
In revision. Projected available Sept or Nov. 2002
Details $44.00
Vol. V:
Advertisements for Acupucturists, 100+ pages
Details $39.95
Acupuncture Risk Management - 336 pages Details $49.95
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Practice Management Safe Practice Guidelines & Policies
- 90 pages
Details $10.90
You Can Heal Now Workbook–
Tapas Acupressure Technique
Details $21.00

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