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Making Successful Presentations
Patient Practitioner Rapport
Get Your Point Across! (slides)
TAT Tapas Touch Technique Workshop
Creating Reputation
Safe Practice & Successful Practice Communications


If you have a tape on acupuncture or alternative Health Care Practice Management,
or patient education, we are reviewing tapes and other materials at this time.
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Complete Listing of Tapes
Patient-Practitioner Rapport by Neil Gumenick, M.Ac.
2-tapes-1hr. 40 min.)
Available now
Details $18.00
Creating Reputation by Cynthia Bestani, Consultant
1 hour
Available now
Details $15.00
Safe Practice Communication
& Successful Practice
by Cynthia Bestani
1 hour
Available now
Details $15.00
MAKING SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATIONS by Lily Diamond Audio tape. + 17 page Professional Handout. Available now. Details $19.95
Patient's Guide Tapes (1-5) by Lily Diamond
1 Understanding Acupuncture Available now. Details $15.00
2 Chronic Digestive Problems Not available yet. Details $15.00
3 Chinese Herbal Medicine Not available yet. Details $15.00
4 Transforming Pain Not available yet. Details $15.00
5 Women's Health Not available yet. Details $15.00
* Set of 1-5 plus Making Successful Presentations Tape - Discount: $7.50 Series not avail. yet Details $83.45
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) Workshop
set of 4
Details $40.00
Get Your Point Across
40 Color Slides, Script, Audio Cassette
Available now
Details $85.00

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