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Important Articles Related to Legislation

Regulatory Government and Private Legal Regulatory Bodies

  • European Commission (part of the membership board of the EMEA) Tel: (32-2) 299 4374 Fax: (32-2) 296 6615 E-mail
  • EMEA European Medicinal Evaluation Agency This agency's peer review evaluation system works through a network of European experts usually associated with ministries of health or higher learning institution. They act as a quality control board with health care products. Numerous documents and legislation are on their sight which is downloadable or available for a fee. The agency represents 15 European Union countries plus Norway and Iceland. Many of the country's Ministries of Health can be accessed from this site and this is of importance particularly to access the Occupational Safety and Health requirements to practice and to access the statistics of the health conditions of the area you may be practicing rulings on product usage and professional practice standards. Email
  • RCHM (Regulations for Chinese Herbal Medicine) RCHM was set up in 1987 to regulate the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK. They represent over 300 qualified Chinese Herbalists. Along with the professional bodies of the other main alternative and complementary therapies of acupuncture and homeopathy, they are working towards official recognition of all practitioners. Access the restricted substances list.

Active Organizations in Legislation

  • British/European Herbal Practitioners Association (B/EHPA) Representatives of practitioners of herbal medicine, the EHPA and the RCHM, meet with the European Commission and the EMEA and MCA, acting in a coordinated way. Check site for various e-mail addresses on the website for different questions.
  • RCHM is a founding member of the B/EHPA as well as a member of the FIH (Foundation for Integrative Healthcare (FIH) and is active in legislation of herbal medicine.
  • European Federation of Oriental Medicine (EFOM) This site is in dutch, however the links are in English. This site is in dutch so am unable to translate it's impact on the Oriental Laws and Regulations. Email
  • National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIHM) is closely involved in the legislation of herbal medicine. They are the founding members of the European Herbal Practitioners Association. Tel: (44/0) 1392 426022 Fax: 44/0 1392 498963 E-mail


  • MCA, Medicines Control Agency, is in contact with the EMEA(the European Medicines Evaluation Agency)
  • Foundation for Integrated Medicine (FIH) set up by Prince Charles to promote the use of complementary medicine alongside biomedicine. See recommendations in the area of research, regulation, education and training, and the delivery of integrated care.

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